• The Reel Fosse/Verdon … and All That Jazz

  • The History of the Hollywood Musical

  • Night & the Cities: The Suspense-driven World of Film Noir

  • Mae West: Ahead of Her Time

  • It Was a Very Good Year: Banner Years for the Movies (series and individual programs)

  • New York on Film (single or 2-part presentation)

  • Paris on Film (single or 2-part presentation)

  • London on Film (single or 2-part presentation)

  • When Smart Films Succeed / When Smart Films Fail

  • Hollywood Battles Television: Wide Screens & Adult Themes in 1950s Movies

  • Early Hollywood Censorship

  • Hollywood on Hollywood: Movies About Moviemaking

  • Legendary Film Stunts


  • Alfred Hitchcock: Behind the Curtain of Suspense

  • Orson Welles: Genius of Stage & Screen

  • Akira Kurosawa: Samurai of the Cinema

  • Scorsese & DeNiro: An Electrifying Collaboration

  • The Cynical Brilliance of Billy Wilder

  • Ida Lupino: Fearless and Hard-boiled

  • Philip Roth on Film


  • Hollywood on the Campaign Trail

  • Hollywood in The White House

  • Cold War Hollywood: The Blacklist Years

  • The News Media in the Movies: Hollywood Investigates Journalism

  • Immigration on Film

  • The Cinema and Social Justice